GALAH Fly-by Shows Impressive Coverage

Each point, red and blue, represents a GALAH target superimposed on a model of the Milky Way Galaxy.

GALAH Team Member Gal Matijevic (U. Ljubljana) has prepared a video showing the coverage of the GALAH survey in the Milky Way galaxy. Each red and blue point shows an individual GALAH target, with the blue as dwarfs and red as giants. Distances are estimated from preliminary stellar parameters using techniques detailed in Zwitter et al. (2010).

Each star is superimposed on a model of the Milky Way; the distribution shows the impressive scope of GALAH. Although the survey is still in early days, we can already get detailed information about stars in the thin, thick disk, and halo. With its extensive coverage and detailed chemical information, the GALAH survey will provide critical clues to determining how the Milky Way formed and evolved.