GALAH Team Members

Executive Team

Joss Bland-Hawthorn (Uni.Syd), Principal Investigator

Ken Freeman (ANU), Prinicipal Investigator

Gayandhi De Silva (AAO), HERMES Project Scientist

Survey Management Group

Martin Asplund (ANU)

Joss Bland-Hawthorn (Uni.Syd)

Gayandhi De Silva (AAO)

Ken Freeman (ANU)

Sarah Martell (UNSW)

Katharine Schlesinger (ANU)

Sanjib Sharma (Uni.Syd)

Liz Wylie de Boer (ANU)

Dan Zucker (MQ)

Tomaz Zwitter (U.Ljubljana)

Interested in Joining the GALAH Team?

Members of GALAH enjoy access to all survey data products prior to public release. Membership of the survey is open to all astronomers at any Australian institute, including students and postdoctoral fellows, in exchange for active participation in survey work and scientific exploitation. All new members must be approved by the Executive Team (ExT).

The ExT may also approve participation in specific GALAH projects of persons outside the GALAH team, on request from a team member. External collaborators may be granted access to the database for the duration of the specific project, and can become first-tier authors on a GALAH paper resulting from such a joint project. Finally, the ExT reserves the right to invite individual experts with particular skills from outside Australia to join membership.

Do you want to join GALAH? If so, contact the Executive Team at galah-extataao [dot] gov [dot] au. Please include your affiliation and current position, in addition to a short description of your interest in and possible contributions to the survey.

Funding Support

GALAH thanks the Australian Research Council and the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science for their financial support.

Team Members

Note: As we update our web system, it will take time before all existing team members are listed here. Please be patient!

Name Affiliation
Anish Amarsi MPIA
Borja Anguiano Macquarie University
Martin Asplund Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Australian National University
Carlos Bacigalupo Macquarie University
Mark Beavis University of Southern Queensland
Maria Bergemann Max-Planck Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg
Joss Bland-Hawthorn University of Sydney
Sven Buder Max-Planck-Institute for Astronomy
Donna Burton University of Southern Queensland
Simon Campbell Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik (MPA)
Russell Cannon Australian Astronomical Observatory
Daniela Carollo University of Notre Dame
Luca Casagrande Australian National University
Andy Casey Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge
Khalil Cheikh-Hussein
Sang-Hyun Chun Australian National University
Jake Clark
Klemen Cotar
Peter Cottrell University of Canterbury
Valentina D'Orazi INAF -Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova
Gary Da Costa Australian National University
Gayandhi De Silva AAO, University of Sydney
Aaron Dotter Australian National University
Ly Duong Australian National University
James Esdaile University of New South Wales
Ken Freeman Australian National University
Andy Green Australian Astronomical Observatory
Michael Hayden
Alexander Heger Monash Centre for Astrophysics
Jonti Horner University of Southern Queensland
Dan Huber University of Sydney
Arv Hughes
Elaina Hyde Western Sydney University, Australian Astronomical Observatory
Mike Ireland Australian National University
Prajwal Kafle ICRAR, University of Western Australia
Devika Kamath
Amanda Karakas Monash University
Shourya Khanna Sydney Institute for Astronomy
Chiaki Kobayashi University of Hertfordshire
Angela Kochoska University of Ljubljana
Janez Kos University of Sydney
John Lattanzio Monash Centre for Astrophysics
Sergio Leon-Saval SAIL, The University of Sydney
Geraint Lewis University of Sydney
Chengyuan Li Macquarie University
Jane Lin Australian National University
Karin Lind MPIA, Heidelberg / Uppsala University
Maria Lugaro Konkoly Observatory, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Ben MacLean Monash University
Liz Mannering
Jonty Marshall University of New South Wales
Sarah Martell School of Physics, University of New South Wales
Tadafumi Matsuno
Mohd Hafiz Mohd Saadon School of Physics, The University of New South Wales
Guido Moyano Loyola FCAG-UNLP
Ulisse Munari INAF National Institute of Astrophysics
Simon Murphy Australian National University
David Nataf Johns Hopkins University
Colin Navin Macquarie University
Melissa Ness
Belinda Nicholson
Quentin Parker The University of Hong Kong; Australian Astronomical Observatory
Alice Quillen
Warren Reid Macquarie University, Western Sydney University
Katharine Schlesinger Australian National University
Sanjib Sharma University of Sydney
Keith Shortridge Australian Astronomical Observatory
Jeffrey Simpson Australian Astronomical Observatory
Dennis Stello University of Sydney
Yuan-Sen Ting IAS/Princeton/Carnegie
Chris Tinney University of New South Wales
Gregor Traven University of Ljubljana
Fred Watson
John Weatherall UNSW
Rob Wittenmyer University of New South Wales
Clare Worley University of Cambridge
Duncan Wright University of New South Wales, Australian Astronomical Observatory
Rosie Wyse Johns Hopkins University
David Yong
Tayyaba Zafar Australian Astronomical Observatory
Marusa Zerjal University of Ljubljana
Daniel Zucker Macquarie University
Tomaz Zwitter University of Ljubljana