K2-HERMES II. Complete results C1-C13

Accurate and precise radius estimates of transiting exoplanets are critical for understanding their compositions and formation mechanisms. To know the planet, we must know the host star in as much detail as possible. We present complete results from the K2-HERMES survey, which uses the HERMES multi-object spectrograph on the Anglo-Australian Telescope to obtain R$\sim$28,000 spectra for more than 30,000 K2 stars. We present complete host-star parameters, masses, and radii for 178 K2 candidate planets from C1-C13. Our results cast doubt on 18 K2 candidates, as we derive unphysically large radii, larger than 2\Rjup. We discuss the properties of the K2 planet sample as functions of age, metallicity, and other key stellar properties. Our results highlight the importance of obtaining accurate, precise, and self-consistent stellar parameters for ongoing large planet search programs - something that will only become more important in the coming years, as TESS begins to deliver its own harvest of exoplanets.

Description for the general public: 

Not sure where to put my text but here it is: I have a mostly-ready draft of the next K2-Hermes exoplanet paper as attached. Here is the overleaf link: https://www.overleaf.com/5742861919dbzcxqfksnsd

I will be on leave and utterly uncontactable from now until 18 Nov. Can the GALAH team please have a look and feel free to make edits/suggestions and requests for authorship? I will revisit this on my return 19 Nov. There remains some bits in bold that are unfinished, but that is just my own hurry to get this out to you all before I go.